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 current ferryboat condition

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current ferryboat condition Empty
PostSubject: current ferryboat condition   current ferryboat condition EmptySun 20 Jan 2008, 4:50 am

was at the boat thursday jan 17th doing some clean up,geordie offered to pay me since im not doing anything anyway. i have about 70% of it cleaned up still need to work on the cafe and outer decks so its an ongoing project. cleaned up the mold in the "h" ( upper deck ) hallways and old safe zone. in additioned i bleached the carpets and surrounding walls with a healthy dose of bleach, only got about 40% on the boat but will continue tomorrow. i took pics but forgot to charge the battery on my phone. i want to do a before and after slide show so here's what i have for now.

current ferryboat condition Boat

current ferryboat condition Boat2

this is all gone now so stay tuned for more pics!. i will continue with clean up/bleaching most likely tomorrow.

these are the after clean up pics. these areas are wear the majority of the mold is.

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_36PM_00011

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_36PM_0002

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_36PM_0003

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_38PM_00011

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_38PM_00021

current ferryboat condition 1_18_200811_38PM_0003
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current ferryboat condition
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