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N.I.A.- Northern Interior Airsoft

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PostSubject: C.A. SCARL   C.A. SCARL EmptyMon 11 Feb 2008, 5:33 pm

Probably time I post a review on this gun. First off this is my favorite assault rifle yet. Has a couple flaws with the design. This thing has a huge adjustable stock that looks like it should hold a large battery but it only holds a small. Also to change the battery I have to undo a set screw and it's a pain to get it back together without the conections interfearing with the adjustablity of the stock.

I don't know for sure but I don't think me gun is stock. The FPS. is supost to be 330 but it's only shooting 270 to 285. On the other hand the rate of fire is insane. I burn through a mid in the same amount of time a stock gun burns through a mid.

This thing has good acuracy. and a nice feel for scope rileaf with the adjustable stock and cheak piece. The bdoy is semilar to an M4 turned into a box. this thing uses M4 mags, has an M4 fire select and mag release. It is also the king of rails. The only prob I've had with the rails is when I mounted a M203 that ataches to rail. The M203 sat to low and didn't line up as it would on an M4, and was acward to use. I have a New XM203 on the way and I'll post up how that one works.
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