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Mosfets Empty
PostSubject: Mosfets   Mosfets EmptySun 03 Aug 2008, 5:51 pm

Ok just a general question that is trying to be solved about mosfets. Its said that not only does a mosfet give you three round burst but it also

  • improves battery efficiency
  • keeps the contacts in the trigger switch from burning out
  • improves rate of fire (like I said, P90 speeds!)
  • makes
    one long beep when battery life is to low to support the load which
    keeps stops damage to your battery and motor. (this beep doesnt stop
    until the battery dies lol)
Now on this mosfet is a pin sort of deal, pull out the pin to go from 3 round burst back to semi auto. Now my question is, when you pull this pin and get your semi auto back, does the mosfet technically still "work" doing all the other stuff listed above?

My guess is yes since if the pin is in and you plug in the battery it beeps 4 times semi quickly, yet with the pin out it still beeps when you plug the battery in but two slow longer beeps. But I of course would like to know for sure!
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