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 September 27 - Skirmish Game List

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September 27 - Skirmish Game List Empty
PostSubject: September 27 - Skirmish Game List   September 27 - Skirmish Game List EmptyThu 25 Sep 2008, 3:46 am

Media will be in the field, those who fire upon the media personal will be kicked from the round.

Two man fire teams, roving patrol (see: no camping), shout zombies when re-entering the field, etc. Classic zombies, no more no less.

VIP Escort
Players will be set into two teams (uneven sides), VIP will have side arm only. Object is to get the VIP from point A to point B without VIP casualty for extraction. Assault/Ambush team is to attempt to take VIP for ransom, not kill him. Medic and Armor rules apply. Each player may only be healed by a corpman once, and once the corpman is dead, he is dead. No respawn during this round. Fatalities are to move to the safe zone.

Capture the Flag
Three flag poles spread over a relatively small area (for filming and referee ease, since hes crippled up still). One flag pole for each base and one in the center. Team to hold the greatest number of flags for a length of time wins. Respawn only at your team's initial flag - if it is controlled by the enemy, you cannot respawn until it has been reclaimed. If one side controls all flags and opposition have all been hit, they win by default.

One person is labelled as the mark. Four players become two assassination fireteams. All other players are attempting to defend the mark. The two assassination teams are not to work together, as it each team is trying to take the mark before the other team can. After taking out the mark, the fire teams must make it back to the insertion point to win.

Bounty Hunters
Every player puts their name into a hat, and draws a name. The name pulled is your mark, but the game is a free-for-all. Take out your mark as you see fit, for you are the only person who knows who your mark is. Each player carries a piece of ribbon that is claimed by whoever shoots them. Ribbons are non-transferable. Player with the most ribbons when last man stands wins.

Man Hunt
Classic man hunt. All on one. If the hunted survives for 30 minutes or reaches the truck cab, he wins. Hunted is restricted to one gun and as many booby traps as he cares to use. Hunter who hits the prey wins.

King of the Hill aka Assault the Ridge
Players are split into 1/3 and 2/3. Smaller team sets up shop on the plateau with a flag. Larger team is to assault the ridge, claim the flag, and remove it to their base (truck cab) in under 20 minutes.
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September 27 - Skirmish Game List
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