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 Kit Tweaks

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PostSubject: Kit Tweaks   Kit Tweaks EmptyTue 30 Dec 2008, 5:18 pm

Some ideas to improve your kit.

First is a battery pouch with velcro straps to attach to the gun. Provides secure attachment as well as camouflaging the battery pack. At a sporting goods store I also found some camo hockey tape to cover the red deans plugs. And last but not least a weapon paint job because black stands out waaaaaaaaaaay too good in the bush no matter what season.
Kit Tweaks Airsoftmods001qu0

Next a cover for my aimpoint. It could always be painted too but this cover provides 3 purposes.
One- camouflaged the unit.
Two - Provides padded protection.
Three - Makes the ruby finish harder to see unless you are looking at it straight on.
Kit Tweaks Airsoftmods002sw9

This little item is simply paracord (parachute cord) with the inner core removed and the ends singed with a lighter to seal the fibres. The idea is to silence the rattleing of the sling swivel(sling hook in this case) while moving. With the core of the paracord reoed the outer "sleeve" simply slips over the slings hook to prevent metal on metal rattle. Also helps prevent wear and tear on attachment points.
Kit Tweaks Airsoftmods003nv2

Lastly I made a shoulder strap pad that also keeps the webbing of the sling together. Now if I can find some multicam fabric.... I can make my accessories match! LOL!
Kit Tweaks Airsoftmods004kv4

There it is all together. Looks like I need to paint my silencer and mags! ......... and maybe look for some different boots, or at least make some gaiters to cover some of the black.
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Kit Tweaks
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