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 NIA Game 6 February 3rd 2012

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NIA Game 6 February 3rd 2012 Empty
PostSubject: NIA Game 6 February 3rd 2012   NIA Game 6 February 3rd 2012 EmptyTue 24 Jan 2012, 10:53 pm

Subject: NIA January 6th game number 4 Mon 2 Jan - 16:54
PLEASE READ THE CLUB RULES BEFORE COMING OUT: https://pgairsoft.forumotion.com/viewtopic.forum?t=142

Day:February 3rd 2012
Place-Rolla Dome at the intersection of the two highways.
Duration: 8:30ish set-up walls, 9:00 start.
Price:$15-Each (10$ if 15 or more arrive)
Rental GEAR+GUNS: https://pgairsoft.forumotion.com/viewtopic.forum?p=16#16
Other: Indoor play, please read out CQC rules and be familiar with safety standards
-Pack a lunch and water
-Bring a mask(optional if over 18 http://sequoiaairsoft.com/img/bbdamage2.jpg(UNDER 18 MUST! HAVE A FULL FACE MASK!
goggles and a bandana is not good enough) over 18 eyeprotection needed. Also if you are using somthing that is not made for paintball or airsoft it must be tested before the game starts
-Contact me (Lorica) if you would like to help or run any part of the day
-Players need to be over 18 or 16 with parental consent.
-Read club rules before arriving

-Due to influx of new players flash bangs will be scenario specific as they are very hard to enforce.

FPS limit-0-330fps full auto/330-350 SEMI ONLY!(WITH .2g bbs)
1 joule-full auto
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NIA Game 6 February 3rd 2012
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