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 Upcoming OPS

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PostSubject: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptySat 24 Mar 2007, 4:43 pm

EAR 24 hr. game June 23rd:


Likely to be a good one. Heavy resrictions for ammo and uniforms.

Nothing set in stone for JOC yet, but here's their thread:


Nothing scheduled for RAAT yet, but KS3 is supposed to be August long weekend.

I'll keep you guys updated as I find out more info. There's still a couple of months before the season really starts out here.
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Number of posts : 153
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptyTue 24 Apr 2007, 10:22 pm

Here's a couple more JOC games:

This one is a 24hr. game on June 30/July 1.


This one is in Olds and is a night game on May 26. Lots of people signed up for this (about 90 so far with very few from Edmonton and nobody from GP yet).

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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptyWed 25 Apr 2007, 10:04 pm

This is the info for the May 26th game in Olds. Looks like a good one:

May 26th 07 Night game


**Please sign up all members of your team. It will be easier to sort teams out this way.**

Where:Weekend Warriors(Olds AB)

When: May 26th, BBQ at 4 pm and game whistle blows at 6:00 pm Sharp!!! The game will go until 12:00 midnight and will be non stop.

How much: $25 entrance. The $5 increase was due to Weekend Warriors raise in rates. But you pay $20 for a night at trek so this should not be an issue. The entrance fee includes food and pop. If you are not eating you will still have to pay $25. I can not keep track who is eating and who is not.

Who can play: Anyone 16 or older can attend this game. This is a great intro to airsoft for new players, so please feel free to bring your friends.

Rentals and BB's: None

Sales:Feel free to sell BB's and sell any airsoft products at this game. If your looking for exposer this is a good place to push your product.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs before the game!!! Last year a few brought beer out before the game began(not mad) . But this year you will not be playing if you drink before the game...No Exceptions. After the game ends, what you do is your buisness, your on your own after 12:00 midnight.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptyWed 25 Apr 2007, 10:08 pm

THis is the JOC OP on the July long weekend:

JOC Milsim is proud to present Calgarys first 24 hour game ever.

When? June 30-July 1, 2007
Where? North 40 field (Near Cremona AB) Directions to be posted
Cost? $40 per person if paid before June 10. $50 if paid on field (Payment options of EMT, DD, Paypal(+3.5%), cash or cheque)

Start time - 11AM on Sat June 30
First day will run until 1:30AM followed by a short cease fire. For those with NVG or wish to continue play a series of small objective games will be held from 2AM - ~5am
Start of operation will commence @ 7:30AM on Sunday July 1. Game will run until ~11 -12

On site camping can be provided the previous evening as well as the following evening for those coming from out of town

Weapons and Ammo

>>Ammo Limits
A player may carry as many low-caps that they wish into the game.

While some individuals may not have the number of low-caps necessary, high-caps and mid caps will be allowed. However, only a maximum of three(3) mid caps or one(1)high cap may be taken per player, with no other magazines.

VN(190) and Spetznaz(250) reservoir magazines are still considered High-Cap magazines.

AK (600 round), G3 (500 round), G36 (470 round), or any other High-Cap magazines holding more than 350 rounds are not allowed unless used with a SAW dedicated weapon. These magazines are restricted because of the ability to sustain fire for long periods of time without reload above and beyond the standard ~300 round high-caps. These put low caps at an even greater disadvantage

Low Cap - ~70 Rounds or less
Mid Cap - 70 - 160 Rounds
High Cap - 160 Rounds+

Since the Saw weapon is a dedicated platform, generally given access to more ammunition he will be allowed to carry a single fully loaded box magazine. Generally these magazines store upwards of 3000 rounds. In addition he may also distribute across his team an additional 1000 rounds in reloads (Film canisters/Paintball tubes, etc) This additional ammunition may be used on the field. IT CANNOT be given to fellow players.

We ask though that SAW gunners limit strings of bursts to 5 seconds or less. This is mainly for safety's sake and in addition to simulate barrel rise.

Snipers will be allowed to carry as many magazines as required since most sniper magazines contain no more then ~25 shots. In addition they may carry either a sidearm or small SMG as backup (Since upgraded snipers may not fire close in) In the case of an SMG a limit of 200 rounds will be placed on it, carried any which way.

>>Velocity Rules (Feet Per Second):
(all velocity testing will be done with 0.2g bb's)

- 420 FPS for full auto guns
- 480 FPS for bolt action and semi-only guns

>>Squad Weapons
Only faithful recreations of proper squad support weapons will be allowed (eg: M249, M60, Shrike, MG36, RPK, AUG HBar, etc) Weapons with only drum mags will not be allowed in the squad weapon role. If you have any questions/doubts please contact me for clarification.

>>Sniper Files
Sniper rifles are defined as dedicated platforms and must be Bolt action or semi automatic only (Full auto disabled)

>>Misc Gun Rules
You can carry as many guns as you want with you onto the field as you want(1 AEG, AEG /w pistol, 2 AEG's /w Pistol, 5 AEG's) However, you must still obey the magazine rules for the weapons. If you have 5 AEG's you will still be limited to 3 Midcaps period. No point in taking out multiple guns, and only being allowed one high-cap total between all of them. The ammo limit rule does not apply to single guns, but to the person in total.

Pistols, and as many pistol magazines as you wish will be allowed

Extended pistol magazines will be limited to three. This includes Mac11's.

Hit, Medic, Respawn Rules
Hits count as anywhere on your body or gear.

Weapon hits take the weapon out of action. If you do not have a secondary it counts as a body hit.

Thrown BB's do not count

Friendly fire is just that.

First hit - Player is considered "Wounded" and bleeding. The player is then to put on his Dead rag and sit/lie/stand in place you cannot move.
At this point the player is out of action and cannot fire/use his weapon. He may call for help from his teammates by calling "Medic!" he cannot call out enemy positions (You've been shot!)

When hit you have the option of either waiting for the medic to arrive (As long as you want) or immediately returning to base to respawn. When returning to respawn you cannot stop a medic and say "heal me" as your already dead.

Remember: Dead men tell no tales. No talking to live players/using the radio to indicate where enemy may be. The dead interacting and giving information to live players is considered cheating.

>>Respawn Rule
To respawn back in the game you must enter the medical tent as setup by your commander at your CP. At this time a 5 minute timer will start which you must wait to be healed and enter the field.

Medical tents will have a limited number of people allowed at one time inside the tent.

>>Bandages and Medic Guidelines

Bandage use

• Bandages are the ONLY method of healing a wounded player in the field
• Medics are the only players permitted to use bandages during the game
• Bandages are one-time-use only.
• Payers hit already wearing a bandage are considered “KIA” and must head directly to their HQ upon being
• Bandages are not to be removed by players anywhere on the field except within the boundaries of their
teams HQ (They need to be returned to be reused, please don’t discard them)
• Players are not able to receive medical attention from the opposing team’s medics
• Bandages of the opposing team are to be left alone and NOT to be taken, hidden, used, or moved

Players requiring a Medic

• If you have been hit you have ONLY two options:
If you choose to wait for a medic:
o Yell “HIT” and immediately SIT or LAY on the ground where you were hit and put on your killrag
o You MUST remain in this spot and are NOT ABLE TO MOVE OR BE MOVED (Unless a safety concern) until a medic is able to reach you
o While waiting for medical attention, you are NOT able to communicate verbally, by radio or signals other then the word “MEDIC”
o You must remain sitting, or laying until the FULL time of applying the bandage is completed

If you choose NOT to wait for a medic:
o Yell “HIT”, raise your weapon above your head and put your kill rag on
o Immediately leave the area and return to your HQ
o While “Dead” you are NOT able to communicate verbally, by radio, or signals other then the words “DEAD MAN” while walking to your HQ
o You are to return directly to your teams HQ (No wandering the field for no reason)

• Players receiving medical attention are considered too injured to use any weapon of any type until the full procedure of being healed is completed
• A medic’s decision whether to attempt a rescue, or the use of a bandage is final and may not be argued.

If this is the case, the wounded player must immediately head back to HQ
Medics applying aid to players
• Bandages must be applied to the upper left arm of a wounded player only.
A bandage applied anywhere else on a players body will be considered to be applied improperly and not valid
• Each bandage has a number on one end ranging from 30 – 120. This number indicates the seconds a medic must spend with the wounded player once the bandage has been tied before that player is permitted to rejoin the game. The medic must use his stop watch and keep both his hands on the wounded player for entire duration of this time
• If a medic is hit while applying a bandage, or waiting for the indicated time limit, he immediately becomes wounded himself and is no longer able to complete or perform his duties as a medic. He must follow the regular “Players requiring a medic” rules listed above
• If a medic feels it necessary to abort the process of healing a player before the full time indicated on the bandage, then the player is considered “KIA” and must immediately head for HQ. The bandage is still considered used, and is to be taken back to HQ by the “KIA” player
• Medics may not unwrap bandages to reveal the time limits prior to applying them to wounded players. As well, a medic may not choose to discard a bandage and choose another in hopes of a shorter timer. Doing
so will result in that medic being removed leaving your team short the rest of the day
• Medics are permitted to inform wounded players during battle if they do not intend to make any rescue attempt). Once this decision is made by a medic, it is final and NOT reversible afterwards regardless of any field situation change

• Bandages will be supplied to teams based on game criteria throughout the day
• Medics may carry any number of bandages at any given time
• All bandages carried by a wounded medic (after they are hit) are immediately considered out of play and may not be handed off, traded to, or used by other medics until the carrier is back in the game
• Bandages must be carried in the supplied medical bag only
• Medical bags (kits) may be carried by regular players and given to medics.

Game Rules
General Gameplay and Safety Rules

>>Personal Gear and Effects
ANYTHING brought on the field is subject to damage without compensation.

If you decide to bring your vehicle on the game field, you may on approval by the game admin, but any damage is your own responsibility.

Additionally, airsoft in itself has inherent dangers in the form of props, traps, vehicles, etc. It is suggested that unless you have received proper instruction, you should leave it alone. If you don't know what it is and haven't received instructions on what to do with it. Leave it alone

>>Goggles and Glasses
GOGGLES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. If you decide to sleep, your goggles stay on. As long as you are in the game field goggles are on. Approved Paintball goggles, Ballistic glasses and goggles only. Questionable goggles are subject to inspection and testing on game day and may not be approved. We recommend that ballistic glasses have straps attached to them.

>>Safe Zones
Since milsim games are an ongoing operation generally the only Safe zone will be the designated parking/marshal area. Additional safe zones may be setup by the Admin and pointed out at the start of the day. We discourage you from returning to your vehicle once the game has started unless necessary.

When in Safe Zones, guns must be on safe, with magazines out.

>>Substance Abuse
There is a Zero tolerance to the use of drugs at any of our games Milsim or not. If you are caught you will be asked to leave and possibly banned from the Club.

Please pack out whatever you packed in. This includes garbage and any gear leftover for the day.
If you happen to see a prop at the end of the day please bring it back to the staging area. The admins would appreciate it.

>>Mercy Kills
We will be useing a "Barrel touch" mercy kill rule, meaning you can ONLY call a mercy kill if your barrel is touching the other player. Otherwise you can open fire even at very short distances.

This doesn't mean you can poke just your gun around a corner & tap somebody with your barrel & call them out, you still have to look around that corner! Otherwise you could hurt someone by jamming your gun in their face, same as blind firing.

Next you cannot mercy kill someone with an empty gun! Your gun MUST have ammo & battery power (or gas whichever the case may be) in order to call a mercy.

Further more, do not run around trying to hit people with your gun! Please be careful when trying to touch someone with your barrel, don't try & ram it through them.

*NOTE: Be courteous to your fellow players; avoid shooting for the head/face as much as possible. Whenever possible, shoot for arms, legs, or gear. Remember, we play to have fun, not wound as many other players as we can.*

Snipers have a no fire distance of 15 feet.

>>Blind Firing:
Players must always be able to see where they are shooting; at no time should a player just poke his gun around a corner and start firing.

Any large knives (i.e. KA-BARs, bayonets, "Rambo Style" knives est.) are not to be carried on to the field at any time. Multi-tools, Swiss Army knives & small pocket knives are allowed if properly stored.

>>Laser Products
Laser’s are allowed on the field; however, please do not shine it in people’s eyes.

>>Smoke Grenades
Cold smoke grenades will be allowed if conditions are ideal. Please ask an administrator if you have a smoke grenade that you are unsure of.

>>Age Limits
All players must be at least 16 years or older. Players under the age of 18 years must have written parental or guardian consent in order to play.

>> Role Playing
While role playing is not a requirement for a milsim game it does add some spice to the game and gives enjoyment to everyone participating.

While expected to give and follow orders, players may also choose to fully act out his or her role in the game. Eg: If you are tasked to be a Civilian carrying a suicide vest: Run at your opponent screaming before you set yourself off. When you get shot act out the part and flop over. Scream for mommy and the medic while on the ground

Yelling and insulting opposing teams is entirely allowed, including profanity. However directed attacks on an individual player, or racial comments will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the field. We ask that you keep yourself in check. Things like yelling "You die GI!" will be accepted. Things such as "Hey Dave i'm going to punch out your lights you @#$%" Will not be.

>>Cheating, Complaints and Disciplinary actions
Ignorance is not an excuse. It is assumed that you have read and understand any and rules put in place before attending the game.

Cheating of any form including bending of rules will not be tolerated by the Game Admins. If caught cheating you may be asked to leave the game and may not be asked to further attend any JOC held games.

Reports of cheating should be kept to end of game, or brought up with a Game Admin. Please ensure that you have a good description of the person in question. General reports of "The guy in camo" will be ignored.


There may be vehicles present at this game.

All vehicles must be pre approved by the game Administrator to be used on field. All vehicles will have assigned drivers that are the only ones allowed to use the vehicle.

All vehicles are limited to 10KM/hour on field

When a vehicle is moving players must keep away from it.

>>Vehicles Kills
If shot by a M203 grenade occupants are considered dead and full hit rules apply to them. The vehicle itself however is still in action and can be used by another driver.

There will be some AT rockets powered by paintball projectiles. When a vehicle is struck by a paintball round it is considered out of Action for one(1) hours time. A light will be placed on the hood to indicate this and the time of kill recorded in the vehicle log book. To get the vehicle back in action two things must occur.
1. Time has expired
2. Engineer must arrive to "Repair" the vehicle. The Engineer will be armed with a key that will disable the light, indicating that the vehicle is back in action.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptyTue 08 May 2007, 7:01 pm

117 people signed up for the night game in Olds. They had 113 last year from what I understand.

It's an easy amount of travel for you guys in PG to get to the biggest (albeit only 6 hours) game in Western Canada this year.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptyTue 15 May 2007, 12:10 am

Over 130 people signed up for the Olds game so far and there will surely be more as the date approaches.

I know it's only a 6 hour game, but it's alot of experienced players from 3 provinces and it's a good chance to get a taste of what the bigger ops will be like (people-wise anyways). This will likely have twice the turnout as Keystone Strike did last year, and I drove 16 hours each way for that one (yeeesh).
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptySun 27 May 2007, 4:46 pm

Well, guys, 127 people showed up to the Olds game. It was a solid 5 hours+ of firefights with about even numbers on each team.

Imagine having teams with 5 full platoons (55 guys) to do coordinated attack or defense of a fortified position? There were times when incoming and outgoing fire was just a brutal hail of BBs.

The Weekend Warriors field is huge and it hid over a 100 players so that you had to cover alot of ground to find people, yet this was played on about 50 acres. They have a castle with an inside balcony that coould hold 100 people easily.

It was definately worth the trip. There were about 20 guys who travelled 800 km from Saskatchewan to be there. And this was just as intense as Keystone Strike was last year, but with 50% more people and half as far to drive.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS EmptySun 27 May 2007, 5:05 pm

Sounds like it was a good one! Stupid work, I would have loved to have been shooting at people instead of being stuck in this damn control room.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming OPS   Upcoming OPS Empty

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Upcoming OPS
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