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 Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold

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Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Empty
PostSubject: Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold   Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold EmptyWed 11 Jul 2007, 2:07 pm

Hey, I've decided to sell my airsoft gun and gear because I just do not play enough and would like money to put towards my dirt bike.

The ICS M4 Package-
I paid $1250 for all of this stuff not including the sight or weesatch.

I bought this from mcguyver a few months ago and got 3 games out of it.
It's in great shape, full metal and shooting a solid 369 fps. if you would like to know about the internals i can ask Mcguyver.
The front end has been shortened from original length.

Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold IMG_0202

12 Tokyo marui 68 rnd low caps.
5 king arms 68rnd low caps.
1 classic army 68rnd low cap.
1 high cap mag that i fixed.
All have no feeding issues.

There are 3 batteries:
1 3000 mah
1 2400 mah (has replaced cell, works perfectly)
1 2100 mah

Other things:
Smart Charger: paid $116 for it.
King arms speed loader: paid $20
It also comes with the original carry handle.
I have a new sliding stock on order which was $90, It should be here shortly. I have a battery bag so you can choose between the full stock and a sliding stock.
Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Ics_acc_lets
I'll also throw in a pretty much full bag of .20 bb's.

Hurricane Eotech Repilca - 552 holo sight
I paid 260$ for this off of a guy from Airsoft Canada.
It takes double A batteries and is an awesome sight
Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Hu-552-holo-sight_big


I just got this guarder weesatch from a guy on asc for $100
The pics aren't mine but it gives you a detailed idea of what it looks like.
It comes with Velcro shoulder straps and a hydration pack (without Bladder) on the back.

Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Weesatch8

Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Weesatch6

Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold Weesatch4

I also have a Marpat BDU, pants are a medium regular and the jacket is a medium. paid $60 each

I did some rough calculating and all the stuff comes to around $1900-2000 or more.

I'll let it all go for $1100 I don't really feel like spliting it up and the price is negotiable, send some offers my way just not extreme lowballs.
This is a sweet deal to ANYONE, getting into airsoft or just want's an m4 in their collection. But if your getting into airsoft, this package has everything you will need.

I will be posting better pictures when my brother gets back for Europe, but i'de rather hove this sold asap (hence the mega low price) I prefer to sell face to face and will drive up to 2 hours.
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Leaving Airsoft Sale - M4 + Gear. - Sold
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