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 New Rules and Changes

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New Rules and Changes Empty
PostSubject: New Rules and Changes   New Rules and Changes EmptyWed 17 May 2006, 3:31 pm

Alright I finally have a day off and I really want to get these new ideas out so that everyone is on the same page. These are all from the Meat and Greet that we had just over a week ago.

1-GM-gunner is the new admin taking over from Daes. Thank-you Daes for everything you have done for the club and this site over the past 9 months. Thank-you Gerren for stepping up into the role and taking on the responsibility.

1-Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a full face mask or a mouth guard (and goggles). This is because of the liabilities of getting teeth knocked out and dental damamge parents would not take well to. So 16, 17 year olds must wear masks.

2-Players 18+ must wear a sealed goggle or mask.
Here is a list of No No eye wear
-ski goggles
-safety glasses
-shooting glasses
-progressive bi-focals
-Mesh glasses
-eye lids
(I really hope you are getting the idea)

Acceptable eye wear (must have appropraite safety rating)
-Paintball Goggles
-Tacticle Goggles
-Mesh goggles
-sealed welding goggles(with good rating)
-Sealed safety glasses(with good rating)

-club sponsored games must be run by a club veteran EDIT (someone with over a year of airsoft experience, sorry for confusion). Club games will state it saying CLUB GAME or CLUB SPONSORED in the subject bar. All other games that are posted on this site must follow the rules of this site. Anyone hosting a game that does not follow the rules will have their post deleted and be stopped from hosting future games on this site.

-If you want to use the club stuff (chrono, dynamite, timers, inverter and radios there is a $2 minimum charge for each player that attends.)
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New Rules and Changes
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