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 Rules for NIA games

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Hortons Heros
Hortons Heros

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Rules for NIA games Empty
PostSubject: Rules for NIA games   Rules for NIA games EmptyFri 10 Nov 2006, 6:12 pm

All games posted must follow these rules https://pgairsoft.forumotion.com/viewtopic.forum?t=142

Please contact an Admin or Mod if you wish to host a game and a post will be created. You must have one year's experience playing Airsoft to run a club game or have permission from an Admin on this site. These are privatly run games and Northern Interior Airosft and those affilitated will do their best to police these games monitoring that safety and the posted site rules are followed but they cannot be held responsible if something does go wrong.

Games that are posted here must follow the club rules, https://pgairsoft.forumotion.com/viewtopic.forum?t=142 and be played in non public areas where the general public will not see or stumble across these activites. IF a game is run that breaks these rules such as
-getting arrested because of a game where the public found players
-using "hot guns" that are shooting over the 2.28 joule limit
-not using appropraite safety gear

The organizer and attendees that broke these rules can and will be banned from this site and the club activities either indefinatly or for a short time. The person who runs the game is incharge of upholding these rules and will be help responsible for upholding normal standards at games they organize.

To sum up:
-follow the rules, don't play in areas where you will be caught playing... BE SAFE! Thanks guys and see you on the field,

Hortons Heros
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Rules for NIA games
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