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N.I.A.- Northern Interior Airsoft

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 MIA Gun Test

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MIA Gun Test Empty
PostSubject: MIA Gun Test   MIA Gun Test EmptyThu 28 Jun 2007, 6:51 pm

Here are the MIA guns as chronographed on wednesday.
All chronoing done with .2 g BBs

M16 A2 - 291.3 - Batman
M16 A2 - 371.9 - Soul
Glock 17 - 273.8
MP5 Navy - 132.8
M83 - 78.22
MP5-SD6 Stock - 228.6
MP5-SD6 Upg. - 323.2
AK-47 Stock - 262.2
AK-47 Upg. - 366.3
M60 - 227.5
M4 S - 274.3

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MIA Gun Test
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