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 Firefight rules

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Firefight rules Empty
PostSubject: Firefight rules   Firefight rules EmptyWed 28 Jul 2010, 9:47 pm

Anyone ever look at this? What are your thoughts?


"Firefight! is a next generation Live Action Airsoft System for enhanced realism.

Influenced in part by programs such as the United States Army’s Operation: Robin Sage, Firefight! Campaign delves into the nature of combat where decisions are made under stress and where the consequences of those decisions matter.

The Firefight! system allows you to create your own game with guidelines for writing scenarios and managing the OPFOR team. Your game could take the form of Mil-Sim, sci-fi, horror, or something completely of your own devising.

Semper Ludere. Always play, have fun"

Personally, I don't know about the rest of the rule system, but I LIKE the 'medic cards' and will use them the next game we do, and report the results.
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Firefight rules
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