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 RAAT Season Ender - Sept. 27

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RAAT Season Ender - Sept. 27 Empty
PostSubject: RAAT Season Ender - Sept. 27   RAAT Season Ender - Sept. 27 EmptyMon 01 Sep 2008, 5:54 pm

RAAT Season Ender

When: September 27, 10:00am sharp (be there by 0900 to gear up in time).

Where: RAAT Field by Sylvan Lake

How Much?: $20, includes bitchin’ BBQ & cake. (Sorry, no discount for bailing on the party)

Game Plan: The day will be a series of several minisims that may or may not be tied together. All sims will be team based (aka milsim based). Players will have to work together and communicate in their teams to achieve their assigned objectives.

As a different approach on the game play, teams will select team leaders (if they choose) before each scenario. This will give several players the chance to play the commander role. Each scenario will be points based. There will be points awarded for each part of the scenario objective(s) achieved. Conversely, point can be deducted by the admins for unsportsmanlike like conduct (cheating, flipping off the admins, etc.) Points awarded will be fixed; deductions will depend on the infraction. All scenarios will have a time limit for each team to complete their assigned objectives.

At the end of each scenario, there will be a maximum 15 minute break for players to reload and hydrate while the admins tally up the points and announce the next scenario. Please be prompt as the game will not wait for you.

Please read, understand and follow the RAAT club rules prior to the field.

Game rules:

FPS Limit: Any AEG – 435 fps w/0.20g bb’s (chrono available, but not mandatory)

Bolt actions: 500fps with 0.20g bb’s and watch your engagement distance! Snipers shooting over 450 must have a sidearm.

Ammo limit: Lowcaps – Unlimited
Midcaps – 6 mags
Hicaps – max of 600 rounds worth.

SAW’s must be actual SAW based guns, no MP5’s or M4’s or G36c’s with Cmags. M60’s, M249 and MG36 are examples of SAW’s. There is no ammo limit for SAW’s, but gunners keep your shooting to short controlled bursts.

Respawns will be 2 minutes each and unlimited.

Teams will be divided by color, BDU’s being predominantly green (Cadpat, Marpat, ACU (while not really green is definitely not tan), M84, etc.) Solid color BDU’s other than Tan/brown will also be on this team. The other team will have BDU’s being predominantly tan (Arid Marpat, Multicam, Arid DPM, etc.). Gear color or camo is of no consequence.

Come one, come all. Whether it’s your first game or your 101st game, it’ll be a good time.

Sign up here or on the RAAT forums if you like.
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RAAT Season Ender - Sept. 27
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